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I am a writer for several magazines, newspapers and online outlets like c't, heise online, Financial Times Deutschland, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, "Die Zeit" or "Der Spiegel".

I earned my Ph.D. at the Europe University Frankfurt (Oder) researching the differences between traditional media and online media in war coverage ("The Kosovo War in the Media Under Special Consideration of the Internet. A Contribution to the Field of Critical Media Studies").

I've been a Visiting Researcher UC Santa Cruz (affiliated with the Center for Cultural Studies) in 1997/98 and 1999. I've also been teaching at the Southeast European Media College in Sofia.


Publications in English

Nutch: The Free Search Alternative to Google. An open deployable search algorithm is set to allow many webmasters to launch their own search engines and to bring more transparency into the maturing business. Interview with Doug Cutting, telepolis 10.06.2004

The Online Library of Alexandria. Interview with Jimmy Wales, co-founder of the ever-growing online encyclopedia Wikipedia, telepolis 01.06.2004

Wrapped up in Crypto Bottles. A talk with cyber-rights pioneer John Perry Barlow about Digital Restrictions Management and the future of human knowledge. Telepolis 09.03.2003

The short-range vision of the CIA. Interview with Robert Littell, who paints a realistic picture of one of the worlds most powerful intelligence services in his historic book "The Company". Telepolis 11.09.2002

The globalizers block globalization. Interview with Michael Hardt, co-author of "Empire". Posting to nettime 26.03.2002. German version published in Telepolis

"Wired" was such a beacon. A talk with Jane Metcalfe, who started together with Louis Rossetto the "Voice of the Digital Revolution". Telepolis -- 07.09.2001

Be Prepared: Cyberwar is Coming - Or Maybe Not. Interview with John Arquilla, the inventor of "the great cyberwar". In: Telepolis -- 13.03.2001

ICANN is Not a World Government. Interview with Vint Cerf, ICANN's newly elected Chairman of the board. In: Telepolis -- 05.12.2000

For some more recent articles, have a look at heise online, for example.

Dr. Stefan Krempl